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About Chef La'Pierre

Mr. Shaun Longley has been cooking and preparing meals professionally for over 5 years, with a passion for fusing traditional Caribbean with a French flare!

Mr. Longley’s palate for great tasting food comes from his long family line of professional cooks. Growing-up in a Caribbean household, where both parents, originally from Jamaica, took pride in preparing authentic dishes. From a young age, assisting his parents in the kitchen, he learned the artistry in creating traditional Jamaican dishes, to the likes of Curried Goat, Oxtails and Jerk Chicken, to name a few.

As a young man, Mr. Longley furthered his culinary interests and experiences, acquiring more techniques from family members in the cooking business. From his Aunt still living in Jamaica, who owns a Jerk Centre Restaurant, he learned the secrets to preparing his own Jerk seasoning utilizing fresh herbs and spices. Additionally, from a second Aunt, Shaun learned the art of authentic Jamaican pudding - a recipe passed down from his grandmother.

Mr. Longley’s passion of food was further expanded after meeting his wife, who introduced him to her roots - steeped in Louisiana with its Cajun and Creole style dishes. Thus, sparking an even greater culinary desire, to learn more about Louisiana style cooking and Southern cuisine. Ultimately, fusing their roots of Caribbean dishes made from fresh herbs, spices and jerk with French techniques and flavor profiles — resulting in an eclectic range that sets him in a class all his own.

Harnessing his ever growing passion for food, love of family and community, Mr. Longley, is currently taking even greater strides in his culinary pursuits, mentoring and working with an industry leading chef who brings 25 plus years experience in the restaurant and culinary industry.

Mr. Longley is poised to present, LaPierre Cuisine - a one of a kind fusion, delighting pallets with a combination of Jamaican and French dishes, steeped in family traditions and maintaining his desire to bring farm-to-table fresh ingredients.

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